Monday, April 26, 2010


Just over a week ago I boarded a plane to visit the wonderful land of New York City. As my sister is currently living in Brooklyn, we spent a lot of time just "going around." Lots of time on the subway, lots of time walking, and (of course) lots of time eating! We ate at a couple interetsing and fantastic restaurants and spent some time in Emily's kitchen.

The first restaurant we tried was actually a bar called Alligator Lounge. They have this really wonderful concept of a free pizza with every beer or drink ordered. So over a couple Brooklyn lagers, we shared some free pizza! Now, I thought this would be cheap-o microwave pizza, but they had a huge wood-fired oven in the bar and you could really watch them make it! So much better than we thought.

(I apologize for forgetting to take pictures of the amazing tacos. They went to my belly too quickly. So we're doubling up on pizza.)

The next night we went to a restaurant called San Loco. We actually ventured all the way to Manhattan for this one, and it was completely worth it. They have this amazing concept for their tacos. A hard shell taco, wrapped in a soft taco, with either guacamole or cheese in between the layers. YUMMM. Either bean or beef come highly recommended :)

I'm going to split the New York trip into two posts... stay tuned for the cooking edition of what we did in NYC!

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