Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I know it's been a while since I posted. Life has been in the way, I suppose. We've still been cooking and doing lots of fun things in the kitchen, I just haven't been as good about writing it up. Or taking pictures, in some instances. But I've been enjoying taking it easy and hanging out with the hubby every chance I get. Because that's still fun!

Next up I'm hoping to do some home improvement projects as well. Since we have a brand new house there's really nothing that needs to be done to "fix" it. However, in the words of the hubby, it's a bit bland. We're planning on doing some decorating and some fun little projects in the next couple weeks. If we do anything exciting in the kitchen, I will be sure to post it! Since it's semi-related, and hey, it's just fun!

For the time being, I'm squeaking by with a cheat of a post, but at least I got something up here! I will post something more significant soon, promise! I thought I'd do a little update to the fish with ginger-basil butter sauce post, since I've been doing a lot with it lately (and no pictures necessary!).

-This is a very flexible sauce. I've successfully substituted garlic for the ginger and rosemary and/or thyme for the basil. Next I think I'll try some sage.
-It's also very easy to half the recipe. That makes plenty for the two of us.
- Don't use any lemon juice, even if you don't get a lot of zest off the lemon. It makes the sauce kinda funny!

Feel free to comment if you do anything different to this sauce with success!

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  1. Happy to see you're back up & running! Looking forward to reading about lots of cooking & projects. FYI, Em & I are trying your ginger-basil-whateverelseisinit sauce tonight. She's skeptical, but I've promised her she won't be disappointed!