Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I was doing so well!

Without setting a real goal of how much I wanted to increase my blogging in the new year, I knew I wanted to do a little better. So far, I thought I was doing really well. Then the finger incident happened. I pushed through, making homemade pizza dough, muffins, and a few other delicious dinners.

But then! The one thing not conducive to blogging... computer problems. I have to replace the fan in my laptop. The noises it makes are so awful that I'm really afraid it's going to explode.

So bear with me while that gets updated. This weekend will be full of yummy tailgating food to share as we attend the NHL All Star game and cheer on some of our favorite players! So here's to a great sports weekend, a fixed computer, and a healed finger!

Stick around, it will be worth it!
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